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Chaz Freutel

Chaz started his business, Get-U-Connected LLC, in 2009 to connect small business owners with the products, services, and people they need to succeed.


Chaz has always believed that collaboration between small businesses is a cornerstone of sustainability.

He also isn't a stranger to the YEA! program.

In addition to having managed YEA! Union County for almost six years, Chaz also licensed and currently manages the YEA! program at Ohio Christian University.


In addition to leading dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs through the journey of launching their own real businesses and social movements, Chaz has served as a substantial asset to YEA! National.


The Young Entrepreneurs Academy offers as many as five Boy Scout merit badges for Boy Scouts who participate and graduate the YEA! Program.

The man responsible for this brilliant partnership was none other than Chaz Freutel!


Dale Lear, MBA



Mr Lear is a Professor at Ohio Christian University; he works in
the School of Business & Government and is a professional entrepreneur & big supporter of our program. 
We are thrilled to have him teach alongside our director!
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